Yet Another Hunt

Apr 17, 2019

The following responds to a column by Jay Mann (“Family Fun Hunt Targets Antlered ‘Buck’ Squirrels,” The Fish Story, 2/20).

Dear Jay Mann:

With interest and thorough disgust, I read your description about the Squirrel Classic Hunt in Winslow Township. I became very upset that there are people who actually want to hunt – and even teach children – to kill small animals. One wonders what we (the adults) are thinking to even introduce children to such an activity, and then to teach them how to skin these small creatures.

This matter of the Inskip Antlers Hunting Club was also printed in the April issue of the Humane News. But what caught my attention was the next paragraph: “And on February 23rd, at the Ocean City Sportsman’s Club in New Gretna, there was yet another squirrel ‘Tournament.’ One of the featured items claimed ‘squirrels may be harvested by any means legal in the state of New Jersey,’ and invited one or two person teams with cash prizes for first place …”

The town’s name, New Gretna, caught my attention. Apparently this is our Ocean County New Gretna (not Ocean City New Gretna). One has to ask: What are these people thinking killing squirrels? And then there are people in Asia who eat our terrapins or box turtles, our cats and dogs, etc.

I always read your writings and enjoy them every week.

Margit Meissner-Jackson

West Creek

The writer is chair and conservation chair of the Ocean County chapter of the Sierra Club.


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