Witnesses Needed

Jan 08, 2020

To the Editor:

The grand jury indictment (impeachment) process has been completed and the charges are ready for the Senate. Let’s review what has happened so far and what is ahead.

The prosecution (Democrats) presented the evidence to the grand jury (the House). The jury heard from witnesses and considered evidence. Unlike a real grand jury, the House allowed the defense to question the witnesses and attempt to influence their decision to move forward or not.

The process next will be in the hands of the Senate jury, which will be overseen by Chief Justice Roberts. If done fairly, both the prosecution and the defense will be allowed to call witnesses of their choosing. In addition to witnesses, both sides should be allowed to present evidence to support their cases for conviction or acquittal.

I think that’s the way it should play out. I hope it will, and let the chips fall where they may.

Mike Kistner

Wayne, N.J., and Ship Bottom


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