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When You Can’t Be There, Causeway Home Watch Can

By Gina G. Scala | Sep 13, 2019

Stafford Township — Peace of mind: Everyone wants it, but it’s not always easy to obtain. There’s a multitude of products and services promising to bring it to the front door of homeowners, property owners and renters. Digital video doorbells with text-alert capabilities and other tracking systems are supposed to prevent worries about what’s happening when the home or property is unoccupied, but sometimes that’s not enough. Enter Causeway Home Watch LLC, a local boots-on-the-ground business based in Stafford Township.

“It’s a deterrent to see someone coming in and out of an otherwise unoccupied home,” said company founder Chet Revinski of would-be burglars or others scoping out homes that appear to be vacant.

Revinski said his business saves homeowners time and travel expense while providing them peace of mind knowing their property is being looked after when they’re not present, be it short- or long-term. Home Watch provides visual inspections, both interior and exterior, of a home or property that looks for obvious issues, he said. The inspections can be done weekly or bi-weekly, according to Revinski.

Interior inspections include checking all doors and window locks for security purposes and for signs of intrusion (attempted or otherwise); checking the temperature settings of a home; checking electrical panels for a tripped circuit breaker; ensuring all light switches work properly; inspecting hot water heater for leaks and making sure the heating source operates as it should; checking for and then reporting any gas leaks; and checking for water damage in high and low areas of the home, including the attic.

“We also do storm preparation,” Revinski said. “And we can be there to let contractors into the home or on the property; be there for deliveries. Whatever the client needs.”

On the outside of a home, Causeway Home Watch checks to make sure air conditioning units are working properly; checks outdoor shower pipes; makes sure furniture, grill and trash cans are properly secured or stored; confirms a contractor completed work, such as snow removal; inspects shutters, storm shutters and siding for damage as well as inspection of garage doors.

“I thought about this for a number of years,” said Revinski, who retired in April after more than 30 years in business specializing in start-up companies. There he learned about exceptional customer service and how to provide the best in-field service possible. “I found my niche” with Causeway Home Watch, backing up his clients with actions, not just words.

Causeway Home Watch clients receive a detailed report after each visit, including photos, he said. Clients range from seasonal homeowners to individuals who travel frequently and need someone to be their eyes and ears at home when they cannot be there. Causeway Home Watch is also available for emergency services, he noted.

The company is a member of the Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce and the National Home Watch Association. It’s fully insured for liability and bonded for theft.

Revinski, who is also employed by the Stafford Township Board of Education as a school bus driver, said the level of detail and service his company brings helps to anticipate potential problems. That, he said, saves the homeowner money and undue worrying.

“I treat your home as though it were my own,” he said.

Causeway Home Watch donates a percentage of its earnings to support the FOD (Fatty Oxidation Disorders) Support Group, helping families with children who have been diagnosed with metabolic/genetic disorders. This summer, Revinski embarked on an awareness campaign for the group and the disease, which affects a family member of his, by taking to the waters off Surf City and paddling to Barnegat Light. He plans to do it again next year.

— Gina G. Scala


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