What’s the Point?

Jul 31, 2019

To the Editor:

Some bumper stickers make me laugh. Some make me sad. Each tells me something about the person driving the car. Proud parents display stickers proclaiming their pride in their kid’s academic or athletic success. Wildlife enthusiasts brake for turtles or ducks. Around this area sports teams from New York and Philly have many supporters. I choose not to have a bumper sticker, but I understand the people who do.

A bumper sticker lets others know what is important to the driver. LBI can be seen on the bumpers of many cars, even cars with plates from the Midwest or Alaska.

But let me get to the point, the inspiration for my drivel. Driving west on Route 72 last week, I was behind a white van. I compulsively read the sticker. After all, it was right in front of me. It kind of makes me feel like that driver is talking to me, sharing a part of who he or she is. The bumper sticker read something like “Just a Republican working every day so you don’t have to.”

My first thought was “Who would have that on their car?” My second thought was “Are they talking to me?” And obviously that person was because when you place a bumper sticker on the back of your car you are directing it to the car directly behind you. I almost followed the car because I wanted to meet the person and find out why he or she thought I didn’t have to work.

Granted, I’m retired now, but I did work for over 50 years. And then I thought about my father, the carpenter, and my mother, the secretary. I thought about electricians and roofers, doctors, nurses, waitresses, cooks, etc. Are they Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians? I don’t know, but I know they are all working. Many have two jobs. Some are mothers and fathers besides having one or two regular jobs.

So, I don’t get it. If you happen to follow the white van maybe you can talk to the driver and ask what it is he or she is trying to tell those of us behind the van.

Cynthia Inman Graham


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