What If ...

Jan 15, 2020

To the Editor:

What if each member of the House of Representatives and Senate had a child who was killed in Iraq? What if your local high school with a population of 600 students had each been killed in Iraq? What if every relative you have or friends or acquaintances totaling 600 were killed in Iraq? What if your son/daughter was killed in Iraq?

Please think of your emotional anguish, pain, suffering, anger or rage. Think of your ability to forgive those who planned and executed the killing of those groups.

What would you do if you had the power to avenge their deaths? What would you do if you could prevent the next group of 600 from being killed? Would you remain idle and silent and allow evil to triumph?

Please take a moment to remember those 600-plus Americans who gave their lives in Iraq. Think of all the holidays spent without those 600 who can no longer be with their families. Please construct your response and send it to the “Letters to the Editor” section of your newspaper.

Joseph G. D’Orsi

Ship Bottom


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