Water Service Connection Fee Process Established for Commercial, Multi-Family Properties in Ship Bottom

By Gina G. Scala | Dec 04, 2019

Ship Bottom — An ordinance establishing a payment method for water service connection as it pertains to multi-family and non-residential properties was unanimously adopted by the Ship Bottom Borough Council last month after a silent public hearing on the measure.

The connection fee will be calculated on an estimate and after a recommendation from the borough engineer, according to ordinance 2019-23. It must be paid before a certificate of occupancy is issued, under the measure, which becomes effective after its final publication date, which is Dec. 5.

Payments can be made by certified check, cashier’s check or bank check, according to the ordinance.

Prior to the vote, Councilman Robert Butkus, chairman of the water and sewer committee, said the borough attorney thought the previous wording was too vague. He moved for the ordinance to be adopted. G.G.S.

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