Vote for Change

Oct 16, 2019

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter because I could not believe the content of a full-page ad that either the candidate or someone else took out for a school board position.

Voters should really be concerned that a candidate is choosing to campaign with inaccurate information. I am sorry but that says something about character, which we try hard to instill in our children. We should be supporting and voting in candidates who will promote our schools’ mission and values. This is key to our children’s educational success.

I attended the EJ School and graduated from the LBI School in 1988. The buildings were dated then. I went off to college, then returned to work in my family’s business and raise my family. Now both my son and daughter attend the same school I did. Lucky for them, they are being educated by some of the finest teachers and administrators around.

Long Beach Township voters should rally in support of Brielle Hoffacker for the Long Beach Island Board of Education seat. Brielle is someone who is willing to listen to the public she serves, instead of blatantly disregarding them. Brielle is someone who wants community input because she knows how much it could benefit the future of our district. She has no political ties or agenda.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes. Vote for the change we need.

Rich Southwick

Long Beach Township

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