Voice of Reason

Sep 25, 2019

To the Editor:

Whenever I’m on LBI I always make a point to look in The SandPaper for the comments of John Imperiale. And when I find them, I'm always thrilled to have reaffirmed that there really are like-minded people out there voicing an opinion that so many of us need to hear, but are also similarly thinking.

Recently, after reading Mr. Imperiale's Commentary on civility (“For Labor Day Let's Celebrate the ‘Call for Acts of Civility,’” 8/29), I just had to react. I copied the column and sent it to a lot of friends. Often when I share articles I get little to no response. But the response to his comments was overwhelming among my acquaintances. So, I think that whenever I see one of his columns again, I’m going to make a habit of copying and sharing it under the heading “A Real Voice of Reason Lives Among Us.”

Mr. Imperiale, please keep your thoughtful, reasonable and civil comments coming. If I lived in Harvey Cedars, I would certainly vote for you for a seat on the borough commission. Any chance we could convince you to run for the U.S. Senate?

Suzanne Bonamo

North Beach


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