Visual Pollution

Mar 27, 2019

To the Editor:

I recently saw on TV news that Gov. Murphy is moving ahead with bidding for construction of massive wind farms off the Jersey Shore. Southern Ocean, Atlantic and Cape May counties will be affected by this action.

As a property owner in Beach Haven, I’m somewhat informed about the goings-on on LBI with development and infrastructure, but this wind farm took me by surprise.

I did some catch-up research, and it seems that unless these towers are built over approximately 20 miles out to sea, they will be visible from our beaches. Maybe I missed something, but when were the public hearings conducted on these wind farms? Apparently the federal government has pre-approved many square miles off the Jersey Shore where these farms are to be permitted.

Talk about pollution of the visual kind – this would be it. Instead of looking out to a pristine ocean view that we all currently enjoy, we could be looking at hundreds of windmills spinning endlessly, night and day.

Maybe I’m late on this matter, but if I’m just learning of it, maybe many others are in the same boat. I, for one, do not want these monster machines to dominate our horizon, ruining what makes our ocean views so gorgeous and hurting our property values as well.

Please consider having your investigative reporters look into this more closely and professionally than I can and inform all of us LBI ocean lovers ASAP. Hope it’s not too late!

Neal C. Toglia

Beach Haven


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