Very Bad!

Nov 06, 2019

To the Editor:

As the world watches our close allies the Kurds get slaughtered, it is important to understand why Trump is doing this. After all, it was only one year ago when Trump emphatically stated, “I will never abandon the Kurds, they have fought with us, they have bled with us and they have died with us so I will never abandon the Kurds.”

So why has Trump abandoned the Kurds? There are two very good reasons. First, the Kurds did not help us in World War II. And second, the Kurds did nothing to help us take over the English airports during the American Revolution! Everyone knows that the takeover of the airports was the main reason we won the American Revolution!

Of course, the liberal media will try to claim that the fact that Trump has a hotel/office complex in Turkey had something to do with Trump’s decision to allow the Kurds to be slaughtered. Very bad! Very bad! “Fake news”!

Fredric J. Geiger


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