Unwelcome Resolution

Mar 27, 2019

To the Editor:

As published in the agenda of March 24, the mayor and council decided to oppose New Jersey becoming a sanctuary state, resolving that Little Egg Harbor Township will never be a sanctuary city. According to the consent agenda, under which the above resolutions were passed, these items are non-controversial and do not require individual discussion. Really?

Since when does the town government arbitrarily speak for its constituents on such a controversial matter? Did the governing body poll the townspeople? Or did the all-white mayor and council just decide that LEHT is not a place for immigrants to live?

I understand the financial ramifications of declaring our town as a sanctuary for undocumented folks. Under the Trump regime, we risk losing federal funding. However, how does that impact the undocumented families living here now?

Under the resolution, will they be excluded from social services, education, fire and police protection? Will they live in constant fear of town officials turning them over to ICE for possible deportation? Did town officials ever consider the real effects of their resolution?

Many of these “illegal aliens” are hard-working, family-oriented individuals who seek an opportunity for a better life. They are willing to work long hours for low wages at menial jobs to provide food and shelter for their families. Some already have made our community their home.

The governing body should consider changing its  “never a sanctuary city” resolution to a “welcoming city” one, as many other New Jersey towns have done – no loss in funding, no inhibition of federal law enforcement, but no discriminatory bigotry either. We are all God’s people, not just his chosen few.

Penelope Hughes

Little Egg Harbor


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