Unwelcome Lighting

Jun 19, 2019

To the Editor:

At first I thought the Hotel LBI was going to be something good.

Then, last weekend when I walked the dogs, I could hear rock ’n’ roll guitar and singers playing to anyone who was within 500 yards. Isn’t there a noise ordinance for that? What would stop them from starting the music at 9 o’clock in the morning and playing all day long?

You may be asking yourself, “Why did he wait a week to write the letter?” I’ve always been one to thoroughly think through things before overreacting. After reading the article titled “Beach Haven Council OKs Hotel Concept” (6/12), I felt compelled to let Beach Haven homeowners know what they’re in for.

It gets better. With the low cloud cover at night, the hotel looked like a beach landing site, strip mall or other downtown city area – LBI country appeal is no more. Well, let’s not get carried away, it’s no more for those who are within the light pollution of the facility. Sorry for the sarcasm.

The Quarter Deck and later The Stateroom wedding destination facility never had that many lights, no way! With residents being accustomed to much darkness and serenity at night, the esthetic lighting, security and rights of the occupants and new facility owner are today’s priority?

I’m sure there is something they could do to respect what was here before they came. The question is will they. I hope this reaches the eyes and ears of those who care. We care and others should care.

Time to move. Note to self: Show the property during the daytime so they don’t see the nighttime light pollution.

I always marveled at what Atlantic City looks like in the distance as I drove onto the Island, but was so happy not to be there. Now we get to see the bright lights every time we come to the Island at night. We and many others purchased property on Long Beach Island and not in Atlantic City for these reasons.

Andrew Salvadore

Ship Bottom

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