Unsavory Nightmare

Dec 04, 2019

To the Editor:

I am 94 years old and it is with curiosity, disgust and sadness that I write to you. My joyful Thanksgiving quickly became disrupted after my granddaughter delivered the news that the beloved E.J. School is being used as a pawn by a selfish mayor, a shady joint association and shadowy board members. I’d likely have choked on my stuffing in astonishment.

I was curious to know how this devious crime could unfurl when my granddaughter handed me The SandPaper. The print was too tiny for my eyes so she read it aloud. My curiosity quickly turned to disgust as I found out the who, what, when, where, why and how of this unsavory nightmare.

My bottom line to you is this: It is a sad day on earth when a handful of our community members need to steal from children for the gain and profit of small-minded adults. Wake up! You do not know what you got until it is gone. Each and every one of these people should be fired for making indulgent, self-serving, personal-gain decisions.

In closing, I thank the E.J. School for helping my grandchildren to read and write and be successful in a way that only a small school can provide.

I hope my letter gets to you in time to encourage voters to vote no because this referendum is not about renovations; it is about theft.

Lee Kolowski

Glenmont, N.Y., and Ship Bottom


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