Truth or Consequences

Sep 25, 2019

To the Editor:

Two interesting observations from comments made in the Sept. 18 edition. (1) Warmer sea temperature has caused some fish populations to move in a northerly direction. Flounder (fluke), which are normally abundant in the ocean off of Virginia, are moving north, which in theory should increase the population in this region. (2) Higher tides (king tides and those due to severe storms) will become the norm in the future.

Taking both of these observations into account, I’m guessing that they both have to do with climate change, which, according to the president of the U.S., isn’t happening and the science is all wrong.

I promise not to drag this out but rather ask a question to the residents of Long Beach Island and surrounding communities, and our country: How can you possibly support someone who is in complete denial, for reasons only he knows, of what is happening not only to us locally but all over the planet?

You might want to think about that for a while.

Charles N. Howe

Surf City

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