Tough Love

Apr 03, 2019

To the Editor:

As citizens, taxpayers of New Jersey, we should permit our president to use “tough love” strategy.

As a teenager, when I was caught sneaking a smoke behind our garage, my dad, in a tough love manner, made me smoke nearly a whole pack of Camels, without filters. I immediately got sick to my stomach and cried for him to stop.

In a like manner, President Trump should charter as many bus transportation facilities to transport the thousands of illegals to the sanctuary states of New Jersey, New York, California, Massachusetts and others where they should be provided a tough love treatment.

Each and every one of my ancestors came here from Italy through Ellis Island, legally, and became some of the most successful business owners in New Jersey. Many worked and started working for a mere $10 a week. Crime was not in their resume or agenda.

Sal Sorce




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