Time to Re-evaluate

Jul 10, 2019

To the Editor:

Mr. Imperiale writes a very informative and compelling column (“Constitution Correction Course – Is It Time to Use Article V,” 6/26) that prompts the question “Is it time to re-evaluate the U.S. Constitution?” I concur with several of his reasons for consideration and review as well as others that, in my opinion, require a more lucid explanation for enforcement.

Below are several areas that require clarification and/or additions to enhance the amendments’ meaning and application:

Right to Privacy – in this era of social media, alleged cyber security and Google and Facebook’s seamless access to typical citizens’ personal data, it is time to revisit and redefine “privacy” and “need to know.” Along these lines, as you say, does a woman have control over her own body? Does a citizen have a right to die by his own hand or by demand when terminally ill?

Right to Bear Arms – when AK-47s and AR-15s are the weapons of choice in mass murders in our country, it’s time to re-evaluate our “right to bear arms”! Look what Australia did after its recent mass killings. They immediately changed their laws to ban assault weapons and made it much more difficult to bear private weapons without viable reason. These were common sense reactions that were immediately addressed to prevent further massacres.

Appointment of our Attorney General – this should not be a presidential appointment. It should be an elected position voted on by the citizens. Otherwise we have an arbitrary presidential ally as opposed to an objective attorney general who makes decisions based on merit, not based on alliance or political preference.

Electoral College – Yes, this is an archaic system that is past due for reform. When a candidate loses by 3 million votes but wins because of possible gerrymandering, it’s time for change to eliminate any semblance of a “rigged” election.

Congressional Authority vs. Presidential Executive Privilege – our Constitution requires stricter clarification on the power of Congress versus presidential executive privilege. Direct and to the point clarity is mandated and necessary to prevent any semblance of tyranny or transition to autocracy.

Expansion of the Supreme Court – adding more justices who more directly represent all sectors of our country will result in fairer, more substantive and just decisions for our country.

Presidential Accountability – because of the wish-washy and interpretive nature of the Mueller Report, we citizenry deserve a clearer, more concise and direct interpretation of presidential accountability when criminal and civil laws are violated.

I agree with Mr. Imperiale that a Constitutional Convention is warranted and necessary given that our current “world” is a lot different than the “world” our forefathers perceived when they drafted the original landmark document in 1787. Although our great Constitution, for the most part, continues to meet the test of time, it is probably time to align our landmark laws with our current reality so that wiser and fairer outcomes will prevail.

Bill Green

Beach Haven


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