Sunsations Shines With Renovation

One Massive Building Now Three Stores
By Maria Scandale | Jul 10, 2019

Ship Bottom, NJ — A million dollars in renovations is showing at Sunsations in Ship Bottom. Sunsations and Island Breeze are open at 2210 Long Beach Blvd. in the building that is totally remodeled, and Sugar Kingdom will be opening shortly in the big corner annex to the north.

Ofir Shrikiy manages the merchandise attraction in Ship Bottom for the three Israeli brothers who have 35 locations in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, Maine, North Carolina and Florida. The first store opened in 1983 in Ocean City, Md.

He’s been here 13 years, Sunsations has been here for 30, selling “everything you need for the beach.”

“The building got into a major renovation, long time needed,” the manager pointed out. Just before July 4, finishing touches were underway to the lighting outside.

“New floor, new siding, new lighting, new roof, new air conditioning, new signage” all make the location a bright spot.

“We divided the big building into three stores,” Shrikiy continued. “One is a boutique, Island Breeze, and one is the regular Sunsations that everybody is familiar with for the last 30 years.

“The big surprise that is coming is going to be the Sugar Kingdom,” he said. It’s a huge candy store, and more.

“Big fun, ice cream, sugar,” he listed, emphasis on the sugar. “A lot of candy, by the pound. It’s going to be fun, and not only for the kids. Hopefully it’s coming very soon.”

The boutique, Island Breeze, separates the higher-end clothing and accessories from the beachwear that had been all together in the pre-renovation.

“The higher-end was not represented properly because it was a big store ... so we had to do something for our customers,” Shrikiy said. “People love it; the reaction is very nice.”

Sunsations itself has a kaleidoscopic aura of more than a gift shop and beachwear store. Inside to the left window is one of the very few places on the Island to get hermit crabs. Past that is a soda vending machine.

Its aisles hold beach supplies, umbrellas, toys, T-shirts, windbreakers, hooded sweatshirts, souvenirs such as keychains and ceramic LBI mugs. There’s salt water taffy at the sweet price of $1.99, and fun jewelry such as mood rings.

“It’s a department store for the beach. Think about what you need for the beach; we have it. Suntan lotion, chairs, clothing at affordable prices, shoes, swimwear, everything.”

The manager looked around, pleased, even as he kept moving to direct employees how to display the newest arrivals.

“We put a lot of money into it – roofing and everything – a million dollars. I think it’s very good for Ship Bottom. We’re here 30 years, and we’re here to stay another 50.”

— Maria Scandale

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