Summ’r Ready and Summ’r Not ... Are You?

By PATTY KELLY | May 08, 2019

Guess what? It’s coming … summer! OK, first we have to get through spring, but who’s counting? I am, and it’s almost here.

The summer solstice is right around the corner on June 21, and I am getting my ritual dancing shoes ready, all in an effort to pray to the sun gods for a beautiful summer. Actually, who am I fooling? Any summer is a good summer as long as it’s not winter!

As I sit down south in the heat that has already hit with temperatures in the mid-80s along with the humidity, I long for our LBI beaches. I guess I shouldn’t complain, but really, there is nothing like our beaches. The sand is soft and warm, the water is clear – well, most of the time – and nothing beats a beach chair in the sun with all this surrounding you. I can feel it now in my subconscious mind, the cool water touching my toes, cooling me off just enough to not have to actually go into the water.

As my friends will tell you, I am not much of a water person, as I believe that what lives in the water should stay in the water without me disturbing or touching it. And what lives on the land should stay on the land – me. Those lovely sharks and jellyfish can have the ocean all to themselves except for the waves that nurture my feet back into a cool, comfortable state.

Now, I’m not saying all of you reading this should do the same. I’m just saying that sitting watching you all come close to the creatures that swim in the ocean is just fine by me. Enjoy yourself; just don’t come running to me when something touches you that you can’t see. Again, just saying.

Well, in an effort to ready ourselves we need to create the following checklist:

• Air conditioner units maintained and ready (don’t forget to take off your air conditioner covers if you have them or “Houston, we might have a problem.”

• Ceiling fans all dusted off and WD-40’ed so they don’t squeak when they spin.

• Outside showers ready for use including shower buddies with all the needed essentials and shower heads in place in case you are that ever-due-diligence (or anal) person like me, who takes them off to save them from the salt air elements for at least one more summer.

• Covers off outdoor furniture, and, well, outside, of course!

• Beach towels in their designated place by the back door, ready for use.

• Beds made or at least the linens on the bed for the making by all those who will now suddenly grace you with their presence now that your beach house is back in action.

• Plants in their designated receptacles on your lawn and/or balcony railings or plant boxes.

• Beach flags as well as American flag ready for display.

• Screens in place – window washing can come later when you actually have a moment or the $$ to pay someone like your kids or a cleaning service to do the dirty work.

• Beach body ready or close to it, or at least somewhat beach worthy, even with the forever-needed cover-up, which I never leave home without!

• Fridge filled with the freshest summer shandy beer. My preference, for no reason whatsoever, is Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy or – wait for it – a growler from Ship Bottom Brewery of its freshest new brew.

Am I forgetting anything? Why yes! Now all we need is all our friends to come down and join us for the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day weekend. Our favorite places will be open and welcoming us with open arms.

The unofficial beginning of summer is the best time to visit our local vendors so we can get our fixes before the summer crowds move in. I can’t wait an entire summer to taste the foods I crave all winter long, especially the day-boat scallops. Seriously, there is nothing like them, and you cannot get them to taste like they do anywhere else other than on LBI. No matter how fresh people from other areas or states say their scallops are, there is just nothing like an LBI day-boat scallop.

So scallop me up, as I have only the summer to make it happen before it’s too late and I have to wait another long, boring, cold winter.

See y’all soon. LYMI!

Patty Kelly lives in Blue Bell, Pa., and Beach Haven Park.


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