Summer’s End

Sep 18, 2019
Photo by: Jay Mann Lifeguard stands are collected for winter storage as the Island transitions into the off-season.

The following is a renga rendered in 8 haiku:


The island exhales

Lines of traffic heading west

Locals grin and nod


Guard stands sit empty

Seagulls search for chips in vain

Stripers are coming


Whipping whistling winds

Striated sandy stretches

Whirling white foam fluffs


Empty osprey nest

Dark silhouette at dusk

Bittersweet season


Milkweed seeds scatter

Monarchs seek flower’s nectar

Time to journey home


Written in the sky

Shadows in the grassy dunes

Summer is over


Seagull cries echo

Laden cars crawl sadly west

Summer’s end again

Fire in the sky

A blaze of bright vivid hues

Summer sun now Fall

This poem was written by LBI Poets Studio members Bryce Reynolds, Aileen Reynolds, Rick Reynolds, Joanne Mitchell, Sue Cummings and Irene Bausmith, and edited by Sandy Kenny.

A renga is a poem composed of linked haiku. Haiku is an ancient Japanese poetic form. In its English version, it consists of three un-rhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables. It is written in the present tense, usually contains a natural image, and intends to capture the essence of a moment.







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