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Summer Fashion Forecast From Wink Boutique: What’s Trending?

By SANDRA WEYANT | May 22, 2019
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

Surf City — Ready, set, SUMMER!

But, what are you going to wear? If you are starting to panic, don’t! Wink Boutique in Surf City is stocked up with all the latest trends and must-have styles. It’s time for a closet refresh.

With her educational background in fashion merchandising and her eye for style, owner Lindsay Sweeney knows how to keep her customers happy.

“Everyone on the Island loves that relaxed and beachy feel, and I take a lot of inspiration from stores like Free People. I go to tons of trade shows and see what’s going on there, and I pick what I think will be most flattering on women of all ages and body types,” Sweeney said. “My customers range from teenagers to grandmothers; you’re only as old as you feel.”

There is something for everyone at Wink, with a constant influx of new, not-to-miss arrivals.

“Mostly, I try to bring in wardrobe staples and everyday casual looks. I do small takes on the trends, so you can wear it again and again, even if the trend goes out quickly,” Sweeney said.

Before you step into Wink Boutique, here’s a little preview of what you’ll find:

Go For Gauchos. Remember these? Gauchos are wide-legged, cropped pants that have a tendency to resemble a skirt.

“The big thing now is the gaucho pant. They’re back and a lot of women love that they are comfortable and versatile,” Sweeney said.

One of the main perks of wearing gaucho pants is the fact that you can wear them all year long and style them differently, depending on the season. Since it is a baggier style, it’s best to pair them with a flattering, form-fitted top. Add a pair of cute wedges, and you’ve mastered the look.

These loose trousers will be perfect for a stroll on the beach at dusk!

Oh, Crop. Nothing says summer like a midriff-baring crop top. Tan your tummy or try it out with some high-waisted pants. Styles range from sexy lace to basic tees – it’s the ultimate party attire. Get ready to bring the heat!

Take a Bow. It’s the trend that’s tied-and-true and oh-so sweet ... bows! Bows are popping up in a lot of different ways, from headwear to footwear, and everything in between.

“You’ll see a tie waistband on ruched shorts and pants, and even on regular tees at the waistline,” Sweeney said. “If you like bows and want to really do the trend, you can try a headband or scarf with a bow. We have these ones with a wire in them, so you can twist it to make a bow on top of your head. If you don’t want it to be too loud, you can make a bow and turn it underneath your ponytail.”

You can even adorn your feet with pretty bows. Wink Boutique carries denim slides with a big bow on top. Plus, they have a comfy yoga mat foot bed. #Goals.

Hello, Sunshine. Soak up the sun, and don’t be afraid to let your style shine. Meet the sunshine shades: bold yellows and reds. These hot colors are here to brighten up your summer. Wear your favorite hues in eye-catching tops, pants, dresses and more.

“I always say if you don’t like wearing yellows or reds, you can always pull them in with an accessory, a bag, nail polish or a shoe,” Sweeney said.

Work It. Cozy, but make it fashion. Athleisure is the trend that never ends (thankfully). When style meets comfort, it’s the best of both worlds … what more could you want?

“We have a huge line of joggers, tees and sweatshirts this year. People go nuts over it,” Sweeney said. From the gym, to the beach, to the store and back, these athletic staples can truly be worn anywhere.

(Body)Suit Yourself. Think of a ballet dancer’s leotard made casual-cool. Bodysuits have been trending for several years, and it totally makes sense. They highlight the natural shape and have become go-to layering pieces.

“Bodysuits are doing extremely well here. They look very nice with the high-waisted pant, and you don’t have to tuck them in like a regular top. They fit nicely and hug your body. In the fall, you can always throw a big cardigan over it, so it’s very versatile,” Sweeney said.

If you’re looking for a sexy outfit for girls night out, you can’t go wrong with a black bodysuit, skinny jeans and a pair of black heels.

Button Up. Buttons aren’t just functional; they’re fashionable, too. It’s all about the details, and buttons are being used as accents on dresses and sweaters.

“On babydoll and tank dresses, we’re seeing small, round wooden buttons, and on linen summer dresses, we’re seeing bigger, round statement buttons right down the center,” Sweeney said. “They’re all over jumpsuits, too!”

What goes around always comes back around, and that is completely true with clothing trends.

“Those ’90s ‘90210’-inspired floral printed dresses with tiny buttons are back again. You know, the ones you wear with combat boots. They’re everywhere, but revamped for 2019,” Sweeney said.

If you haven’t bought one yet, you need to. You’ll look as cute as a button!

Need some style advice? Set up an appointment with the staff at Wink Boutique for a personalized shopping experience.

Since Sweeney opened her stores at the age of 21, her main focus has always been to create a welcoming environment.

“I hire girls who are outgoing and want to help people. Customers come in all the time and they know the girls’ names, and it’s nice to be greeted by friendly faces,” Sweeney said. “We are really all about our customer service because you can get anything on Amazon now. So, it’s about that unique shopping experience and getting excited when you find that cute little piece or finding something that fits you perfectly.”

Shopping by yourself is fun, but it’s totally better when your best girlfriends come, too. Did you know you could even host a private party at Wink? That’s right.

“Last year, we did one for the Surf City Yacht Club, and we hosted a bunch of ladies. They brought food and wine, and we all had a great time. I gave them a nice discount, too, on the items they wanted. If anyone wants to set that up in the summer evenings, we can absolutely do it,” Sweeney said.

In addition to the shop in Surf City, there’s a Wink outpost in Barnegat Light for north-enders in need of a new look or fun accessory.


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