Sugar-Free Plea

Mar 20, 2019

To the Editor:

My connection to LBI spans a 73-year lifetime. I’ve been witness to the development and sophistication of this little sandbar nearly as long as I can remember and, most of the time, with a smile! I continue to witness the Island change from a sleepy sandbar community to a major sandbar resort.

One of the pleasures of LBI year ’round is the variety of fine dining opportunities offered to resident and visitor alike. From Barnegat Light to Beach Haven, I’ve enjoyed the creative genius of many fine chefs and their staffs. I’ve enjoyed a good meal with family and friends and seem to have the same experience wherever I go. “Do you have a sugar-free dessert?” 

Today I seem to have joined hundreds of thousands of my fellow New Jersey citizens with an increased intolerance for sugar. There are over 900,000 New Jerseyans who struggle to manage their diabetic diagnosis and their A1C levels by carefully managing their diets.

So, just before summer begins, I’m sending out my plea to our talented chefs and bakers: Please consider at least one sugar-free dessert for “the rest of us.” It’s a serious request. I’ve enjoyed casino buffets in Atlantic City that regularly offer sugar-free ice cream and pastries. I’d love it if LBI’s fine dining would follow suit.

Bill Lawton

Brighton Beach


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