Such a Shame

Jun 05, 2019

To the Editor:

After watching the transformation of the Mill Creek Park over the past winter in Beach Haven West, we were thrilled with the finished results: a beautiful pavilion where we decorate our community Christmas tree every year, complete with public bathrooms and picnic tables, a pickleball court, and all new grass put down to beautify the area.

So you could imagine my disappointment when I took a walk down there the other day and saw geese all over the place with their new young ones, which means they established this park as their home and are multiplying from the few that were there last year to triple that number now.

I had to sidestep all the geese feces that were all over the pathways and the brand new pickleball court. One even went after me as I walked past her family. I have to rethink bringing my grandchildren there for a picnic or to the jungle gym, as feces are all over the place. And if you play pickleball there, you need to bring a broom to sweep it clean.

After all the time and money put into this park renewal, it would be such a shame if they let the geese take over and keep dirtying the park until it gets to the point where people can’t use it anymore, just like what happened to Manahawkin Lake years ago.

Kathy DiMaggio



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