Stop the Invasion

Jul 03, 2019

To the Editor:

I think everyone has seen the picture on TV or in the newspaper of the father and daughter face down on a river bank in the water. It seems it has been broadcast around the world. If you enter America with a child you’ll stay. So these people sell everything, borrow and come.

Some come all the way from Africa, 5,000 miles to Mexico, crossing at Texas. A Christian group pays their bus fare to Portland, Maine, a city of 67,000 people. They are flooded. There is not enough public housing for Americans there, so the new arrivals are in a gym. They need food, clothes and medical care. The school is overcrowded and they have to hire a special teacher due to language problems. These newcomers are not bad people. Most will eventually find work, and learn English and our customs.

We can’t be invaded by people coming in illegally. Try doing that in Russia, China, Cuba or Iran.

I’m angry with our Congress and Senate, going on vacation. Really? They should be sequestered, just like a jury, and meet every day as long as it takes until the problem is solved.

Al Irvine


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