Steel Margarita Pens Tune About Her Love for LBI

By Eric Englund | Sep 25, 2019
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Long Beach Island — Sometimes there’s traffic on the GSP,
but I love this island so its worth it to me.

Speed limit here’s only 35, 
that’s why you gotta find a bike to ride

So many people you can meet, 
and plenty of sand for your feet.

You can bring your love or your family 
– the best awesome sunsets you’ll ever see

That is the first verse of “Exit 63,” an original song written earlier this year by Terry Muldoon, who plays at various area venues as Steel Margarita. Her specialty is the steel drum, known also as the steel pan.

She has played the song during her appearances at area venues this past summer.

“The response has been great,” said Muldoon. “I play it on the ukulele, which is another instrument I use at my appearances.”

Flip Flops on your feet, cold drink in your hand. 
to any bar & listen to a band.

Follow me, promise you won’t say no.
LBI’s the place you gotta go.

Meeting my friends on the
beach, here the summer’s never outta reach!

Anything you want you can get it here, 
come back for chowder in the fall of the year!

The chorus is I know a place where I’d like to be, it’s down off exit 63.
18 miles of ocean and bay, paradise on earth, I’m here to stay!

The song is included in her third CD, Steel Vibes, which Muldoon recently released.

“I’d been wanting to write a song about LBI for some time,” she said. “I got some help from my nephew, Mikey Florio.”

A native Long Islander, Muldoon said her love affair with Long Beach Island began in the 1980s when she visited a friend staying in Long Beach Township.

“I quickly got to love it here,” she said. “It’s quieter, and it’s such a short walk from the ocean to the bay.”

That resulted in her buying a summer home in Beach Haven, and then later, developing a following as Steel Margarita. Her repertoire of approximately 70 songs includes calypso, ballads, soft rock, folk, novelty tunes and other genres. She said her CD has 18 tracks, many of them oft-performed tunes such as “Margaritaville,” “Cheeseburger in Paradise,”  “Rum and Coca-Cola,” “Three Little Birds,” “Mary Ann,” “Day-O (the Banana Boat Song),” “Jamaica Farewell,” “Kokomo” and “Under the Sea.”

“Drums are part of an orchestra’s rhythm section, but the steel drum has no percussive purpose,” Muldoon said. “It is played more like a piano and a xylophone since it is composed of keys. That’s why a more accurate name for the steel drum is the steelpan.”

Muldoon said anyone interested in the lyrics and the chords to play the song can email her at

— Eric Englund

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