Stafford to Propose ‘No Solicitation’ Registry for Residents to Deter Salesmen

By Victoria Ford | Oct 15, 2019

Stafford — Stafford Township is expected to introduce an ordinance soon to establish a “no solicitation” registry. The ordinance would amend the chapter of the township code that deals with peddling and soliciting. It was due to be on the Oct. 15 agenda but was pulled an hour before the meeting.

Township Administrator Matthew von der Hayden explained the amendment ordinance for Chapter 155 was prompted by feedback from residents concerning an observed increase in door-to-door sales in town.

The proposed amendment would allow residents to add their addresses to a registry to prevent salesmen from approaching their property. Property owners on the list would receive a cling sticker to display on the premises to alert solicitors they are on the local “no solicitation” registry.

Being on the registry means canvassing, commercial solicitation, peddling, itinerant vending, and door-to-door sales enterprises are prohibited on the property. “Canvassing” for these purposes refers to “soliciting … to obtain a listing of real property or to confer with the owner regarding a real estate transaction,” and would not apply to census enumerators.

To get on the registry, residents would fill out a form, available at the township clerk’s office during normal business hours. The list would be updated monthly and distributed to peddlers/ salespeople upon issuance of a license.

Violation of the ordinance, on first offense, carries a penalty of a maximum $1,250 fine and up to 90 days in jail.

The township has not previously had a “no solicitation” registry, according to von der Hayden, so officials are hopeful the measure will address residents’ concerns and put a stop to the nuisance of uninvited visitors. Door-to-door visitation for political, religious and charitable purposes, however, would still be allowed.  —V.F.

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