Can You Beat Biggy?

Stafford School Administrators Bring Their ‘A’ Games But Come Up Short

By David Biggy | Jun 26, 2019
Photo by: Gina Scala Stafford Township School District administrators Sean Reilly (middle) and David Ytreboe (right) brought their best for ‘Can You Beat Biggy?’ but couldn’t muster the winning strokes at Island Golf in Surf City on June 21.

Surf City — Even though David Ytreboe and Sean Reilly had come from the same direction, they chose to drive from Stafford to Surf City in separate vehicles.

“We wanted to play a mental game with you,” said Reilly, the newly minted Stafford Intermediate School principal. “We wanted to give the impression we were attacking from different sides.”

“We wanted to make sure you knew every flank was vulnerable,” added Ytreboe, Stafford Schools’ director of pupil services and a huge Star Wars geek, much like the host they chose to challenge for Week 2 of “Can You Beat Biggy?” on June 21.

Reilly, a former wrestling coach and golfer, confidently emerged from his Jeep with one thing on his mind – victory.

“I wasn’t nervous,” he said later. “As I drove here, I had AC/DC cranked, and I was getting fired up. I was approaching this like it was a wrestling match.”

Ytreboe, a former track and field coach, earlier in the week had texted me with this message: “You’re going down!”

Thankfully, SandPaper colleague Gina Scala was on hand at Island Golf to lend some support – for whom I’m not sure, actually – and take some photos, because I had to take these two trash-talking school administrators seriously. OK, full disclosure: I had texted Ytreboe the day before with this: “I’m going to light you up!”

So, with the trash-talking out of the way, Ytreboe and your boy Biggy got off to a solid start, each using seven strokes through the first three holes, while Reilly appeared on his way to an amateurish round, going 3-over par through three. However, the match quickly turned even when Reilly scored a hole-in-one on the fourth. All of us had fired a 10 through four, and the match got really serious. Then the rain arrived.

Ytreboe and I got a little wet as we two-stroked our way through the sixth. As the rain poured, we opted for a brief rain delay – truth is, Reilly didn’t want to come out from underneath the seventh-hole canopy and play the sixth until the rain stopped – and while it seemed to benefit Reilly, Ytreboe suddenly took a turn for the worse, ending up four-stroking hole No. 9 to fall behind by four strokes to me and three to Reilly.

“This is what usually happens when I play my kids,” Ytreboe said. “I implode on a hole and that’s the end of me.”

Reilly banged down another hole-in-one on the 11th and Ytreboe tanked on the 14th – at this point, I’m certain Dave was praying to Yoda’s force ghost for a miracle of some kind – while I simply kept two-stroking my way through the course. Still, after 14 holes, my lead on Reilly was only a stroke. When I shot a par-3 on the 15th, he equalized with a 2.

Going into the rocky 17th hole, Reilly asked for a scoring update. He and I were even at 35. On the 17th, Reilly went long on his first shot and ultimately scored a 3. I scored another 2. BOOM! We both scored 2 on the 18th, and I won with a 3-under-par 39, a stroke ahead of Reilly’s 40. Ytreboe ended with a 45.

“I assumed my athletic prowess would carry me through,” Ytreboe said. “It just didn’t happen for me.”

“I used the Force against you, Dave,” I said.

“I felt that disturbance, actually,” he conceded.

“I had a blast, but this is going to ruin my weekend,” Reilly said. “I’m demanding a rematch.”

NOTE: Island Golf, located at the corner of Sixth Street and Long Beach Boulevard, begins its weekly tournaments, played on Wednesdays starting July 3, and all active and veteran military personnel can play any day free of charge. If you want to play “Can You Beat Biggy?” email to find out how.

— David Biggy

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