Stafford Conservatives Now Town’s Official Republican Club

Mar 20, 2019

The Stafford Conservative Republican Club is now the party’s official municipal club, replacing the Stafford Township Regular Republican Club.

On Wednesday, March 13, the Ocean County Republican Organization held its annual nominating convention, during which candidates for countywide or districtwide offices were endorsed by the Ocean County GOP. Securing the organization’s endorsement is often the first step that a successful candidate will take when running for higher office, Stafford Council President Paul Krier explained in a statement he issued on the administration’s behalf.

“Earlier this year, the Stafford Conservative Republican Club, to which we all belong, decided to petition the Ocean County GOP to be recognized as the official Republican Club of Stafford Township,” according to Krier. “The number one reason for making this request was to ensure that the Stafford Conservative Republican Club had a voice at future Nominating Conventions. Stafford Township is vital to the success of Southern Ocean County, and we, along with the leadership of the club, felt that it was important to be able to impact the nominating process,” he said.

The petition was successful. The Ocean County Republican Organization County Council, comprised of mayors, governing body members, state legislators, elected county officials and party leadership, voted overwhelmingly to recognize the Stafford Conservative Republican Club as the official Republican club in Stafford Township, Krier said.

He continued, “Last year, after our successful primary campaign, the Ocean County Republican Organization supported our team without reservation. Their support last year, combined with the vote Wednesday evening, proves they are willing to accept change and work to build a stronger organization for everyone. We are humbled by the support that we received, and we look forward to working to elect the best representation for the people of Stafford Township.”

The Conservative Club was established by Stafford husband and wife Eric and Esther Libenschek, longtime local Republicans, to support the Myhre ticket in the 2018 election.

In September, GOP head George Gilmore publicly, if indirectly, admonished former Republican Stafford Mayor John Spodofora for endorsing Democrat Joe Mangino to be his successor.

— Victoria Ford

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