Special Person

Jul 17, 2019

To the Editor:

On Sunday night, July 14, Marge Remolde, Eleanor Deely, Anita Ulesky and I were entering Wally’s restaurant in Surf City for dinner to celebrate a birthday. As we entered, a gentleman held the door for the handicapped person in our group who mentioned to him that it is her 82nd birthday. He told her that he and his family were here to celebrate his son’s birthday as well.

When the check arrived, the waiter told us that the man, who had just left, had paid our bill! We were stupefied! We didn’t know him and he had already gone so there was no way we could thank him.

Therefore, we hope that you will print this letter in hopes that the special person will read it and know that we were totally overwhelmed with his generosity. We thank him so very much and hope that we, individually, will pay this forward in some way in our future.

What a wonderful example he is to his son!

Harriet Sklar

Brant Beach

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