Southern School Board Awards $1.6 Million Contract for Upcoming Roofing Work

Apr 17, 2019

As has been the case during the past couple of summers, several Southern Regional School District buildings will receive some improvements starting in June, as the Board of Education approved more than $1.6 million in roofing upgrades during its regular monthly meeting on April 10.

“These are roofing projects that weren’t included with the last roofing project we did two summers ago,” Business Administrator Steve Terhune said following the meeting. “At the time, we had more pressing roofing needs, so we took care of those first. We had a little more time before we had to address the roofs that are included in this project.”

The board approved to award a bid by United States Roofing Corp. totaling $1,672,276, which will include shingle roofing work on the administration building and the “science wing” of the 9/10 high school building, as well as the resurfacing of the roof for the 11/12 cafeteria and the metal roof on the auxiliary gym at the middle school.

Beyond that item of business interest, most of the rest of the meeting was taken up by doling our accolades to some dozen middle school music students who recently acquired acceptance to the Region 3 Honors Band. However, one additional educational highlight was delivered to the board by middle school track coach Joe Tomczuk.

“We had a meet against Brackman (Middle School in Barnegat), and I remembered at one point Ryan (Cubeiro) being loud and boisterous, high-fiving a kid and cheering,” Tomczuk explained. “At the time, I didn’t think much of it. But the next day, I was going through my emails and read something that made me go ‘Whoa!’”

Tomczuk read the email – sent to him by the mother of a student-athlete from Brackman Middle School – describing Ryan’s kindness toward a competing athlete during that meet. It was a letter of gratitude and praise for the young man.

“My son has high-functioning autism and very little interest, but somehow he decided to try track,” Tomczuk read from the letter. “He was chosen for yesterday’s meet to run the 100 and 200. However, he was a bit lost and didn’t understand or know what group to run with. He was upset about missing the 100, and in addition to not really having any friends to talk to, he struggled with the 200 and got far behind the rest. Somehow he pushed through and made it to the finish line.

“One of your athletes was right there waiting and gave him a double high-five. My son was all smiles, and said that not only did he feel accomplished, but it was great to have someone there at the end who was so kind. Your athletes made such a difference in my son’s day and how he looked at his race. Something we expected to result in tears or disappointment was such a positive for him and an even greater positive for my husband and me. Please share my appreciation with your athletes. Gestures like the one your athlete displayed yesterday can be life-changing for so many individuals. That one high-five not only touched my son, but my husband, my daughter, my parents and myself.

“For all of us watching my son, that moment was more memorable than the race itself and one that I will forever remember.”

After a rousing ovation, Cubeiro stepped to the mic to address the board – describing how he had always been taught to work hard while doing his best, but that day had the opportunity to choose kindness for “a kid who had fallen behind but pushed through.”

“All the coaches I’ve had here have always said we are supportive, we’re kind and we’re class. That’s how we do things here at Southern,” Cubeiro said. “For me, it’s just a normal thing. Being kind to the other team is normal. And that’s my message: choose kind, because kind is always better.”

— David Biggy

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