Southern Regional School Board Updated on Progress of ‘A Lot of Small Projects’

By David Biggy | Aug 28, 2019

Stafford Township — As the new school year approaches, the Southern Regional campus has been buzzing with activity. All the fall athletic teams are fully engaged in practices and scrimmages. The Golden Rams marching band has been hard at work perfecting its upcoming routine. The seventh-graders entering the middle school recently had their orientation.

And then there are all the little improvements being made to various buildings, most of which should be completed by the time classes start next week, according to Business Administrator Steve Terhune, who updated the board of education during its meeting on Aug. 21.

“We have a lot of small projects scattered all over the campus,” he said. “Other than a few things, they’re all substantially complete.”

The replacement of the exterior walls and roof on the auxiliary gymnasium in the middle school is all but finished, with just some trim work to complete the project, Terhune said. The same was true of the replacement of the shingle roof atop the 11/12 building’s cafeteria and the shingle roof covering the 9/10 building’s science wing, both of which also were awaiting gutters, and the installation of new corridor lockers for the middle school.

Following some interior flooding damage last year, the 11/12 gymnasium floor has been “fully replaced and is now operational,” along with flooding mitigation and re-grading projects surrounding the building – mainly to help correct issues that had led to the flooding issues inside the gym – which included the installation of new water pumps, Terhune said. The restructuring of the high school computer lab and ceiling tile replacement work in the corridors also have been completed.

Also, the shingle roof on the administration building was slated for completion this week, as was the installation of new cabinetry in the “foods room” of the middle school following renovations to it this summer. Installation of a new HVAC unit for the middle school’s “cafetorium” should be completed as well; the new unit still had to be delivered “by the one supplier in the country of that particular unit,” he said.

“What’s there is still operating, but it periodically fails,” Terhune reported. “Once the new unit arrives, it will be installed, and it shouldn’t impact the school schedule.”

The one thing not slated for completion just yet is the replacement of the boilers inside the high school, but they won’t be needed until about mid-October, when they’re typically turned on. Still, he expects the boiler installation to be completed sometime next month.

“The one good thing about all the rain we’ve had lately is that all the exterior projects have been well tested,” he said. “And if we found any issues or leaks, they had to be fixed. Everything is water tight now.”

— David Biggy

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