So Many Questions

Oct 02, 2019

To the Editor:

The LBI Board of Education has totally confused the public with the back and forth on position, on votes and particularly on any plan. We now have a “go” for the referendum to raise $7 million for repairs.

Why has the board allowed the LBI Grade School to get to this condition while spending dollars for the EJ School? And yet past discussions about repairs have stated that EJ still may need $3 million in repairs or small additions. What happened to the burning need to have a bigger gym? New bathrooms? More classrooms?

Who is advising the board and/or who is spearheading the decisions? Or are those requirements no longer needed? So many questions need to be sorted out.

The public should know that there is a sewer pipe running under the EJ property that will cost a great deal in legal fees to handle should there be additions there. The public should be clear that any water under the LBI building is a tidelands issue, not riparian. Selling that LBI building will require payment to the state to settle a substantial tidelands claim of well over $100,000.

I do not need to have attended all the meetings to know that nothing has been accomplished in the 10 to 11 years since the first real discussions and analysis of the district was done. I believe a fresh set of eyes on the issues may be needed at this juncture. I ask the residents of Barnegat Light for their votes in November for election to the Long Beach Island Board of Education.

Nancy Spark

Barnegat Light

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