Ship Bottom Council Finalizes Liquor License Transfer, Appoints Alternate Engineer

By GINA G. SCALA | May 01, 2019

Ship Bottom — The final step in awarding the borough’s first – and only, at this point – hotel/motel liquor license was among a series of items approved by the Ship Bottom Borough Council at its April meeting.

The council unanimously approved Resolution 2019-63 granting the issuance of a hotel exception liquor license to Baldwin Residence LLC, trading as Hotel LBI. The license went into effect April 24 and is good through June 30, when, like all other liquor licenses in the borough, it will expire. The council will consider all liquor license renewals at a meeting prior to the June 30 deadline.

Hotel LBI is the 102-room luxury hotel at the site of the former State Room, previously the Quarter Deck, between Eighth and Ninth streets where the Causeway enters Long Beach Island.

State statute permits a municipality to create a liquor license qualification for hotels containing 100 or more sleeping rooms. The statute mandates the liquor license be used in conjunction with a hotel or motel only.

The borough’s final resolution authorizing the license prohibits any alcohol on the roof deck past midnight Sunday through Thursday and bans amplified music outside of the facility.

In other news, the council appointed Robert Hunter of T&M Associates, Toms River, as the alternate municipal engineer effective April 24 through Dec. 31, or a 30-day written notice from either side, according to Resolution 2019-68.

“Whereas, the Borough of Ship Bottom is in need of the services of an alternate municipal engineer as a non-fair and open contract pursuant to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.5; and whereas Robert Hunter, PE, PP, CME, CPWM is duly qualified to serve as an alternate municipal engineer for the borough of Ship Bottom,” the resolution reads in part.

The eight-month contract may exceed $17,500 in the 2019 municipal budget, according to the resolution.

“Whereas, the firm of T&M Associates, Inc. has completed and submitted a Business Entity Disclosure Certification which certifies that the firm of T&M Associates has not made any reportable contributions to a political or candidate committee in the Borough of Ship Bottom in the previous one year,” the resolution reads in part, “and that the contract will prohibit the firm of T&M Associates from making any reportable contributions through the term of the contract; and whereas, the Local Public Contracts Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 et seq. authorizes the award of contract for ‘Professional Services’ without competitive bids and requires that the Resolution and contract be made available for public inspection.”

The council also unanimously approved on final reading, and after a public hearing that saw no comment from the audience, Ordinance 2019-08, authorizing the re-appropriation of $35,000 from a 2013 bond ordinance to fund the cleaning and painting of the water tower.

Members of the public were also silent on Ordinance 2019-09, a $380,000 bond ordinance that will foot 90 percent of a bulkhead replacement project as well as improvement, rehabilitation and reconstruction of different public works buildings. Under the ordinance, bonds will cover $190,000 of the estimated $200,000 price tag for the bulkhead project. The borough had allocated $10,000 for the down payment. Labor and materials to complete the project are included in the cost, according to the ordinance.

Ordinance 2019-09 also calls for the issuance of another $190,000 for the improvement, rehabilitation and reconstruction of different public works buildings, bringing the total amount of bonds to $380,000. The total cost of updating the public works buildings is $200,000 of which the borough is responsible for the $10,000 down payment.

— Gina G. Scala

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