Save EJ

Sep 04, 2019

To the Editor:

Why are we choosing LBI Grade School over Ethel Jacobsen Elementary School? LBI is a bigger building, but what about green space? What about the opportunity for children to put their hands in the soil of a school garden?

If consolidation needs to happen, I want to see the research outlining what the annual student population would need to be for consolidation to make sense.

Also, where’s the cost breakdown between both properties? Consolidation doesn’t appear to make sense unless we’re planning to send our children to a state-of-the-art super school. Nobody is talking about what these kids need to excel in the 21st century. We are only talking about how we can save a buck.

The school board owes taxpayers a specific, data-driven plan outlining the facts and figures of each property versus their personal opinions for why we need to close EJ.

The argument that it will save taxpayers money because “we won't have as many bus drivers on the road” doesn’t include an analysis of transportation costs. Also, is it fair to our children to have kindergarteners riding on a bus with sixth-graders?

Our community and children will suffer from this poor decision.

Jourdan Travers

Surf City



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