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Sandra Morizzo at the Helm of Seminole Construction

By Eric Englund | Sep 13, 2019

Southern Ocean County — Sandra Morizzo has always had an adventurous spirit, not afraid to face challenges and even break some glass ceilings along the way. It was that drive and determination that led to her starting Seminole Construction Co. in West Creek in 2010.

“After 20 years in the retail industry on Long Beach Island, the opportunity arose to get started in the site work business,” said Morizzo. “After doing some research, I welcomed the chance to get involved in this exciting industry. When I started, I knew very little about construction, but I didn’t let that stop me. I had to figure it out on my own. That required a lot of ‘digging,’ doing research, asking questions and hiring the right talent.”

Morizzo named the company Seminole because she studied at Florida State University (home of the Seminoles) and received her business degree there.

“At that time, I was interested in computer-aided design.”

As a female owner of a successful site work company, she said her advice is to “learn the job better than anyone else and trust yourself.”

“As a woman in construction you are occasionally battling gender bias,” said Morizzo. “Knowing the project better than anyone else gives you the edge and immediately demonstrates your intelligence and abilities. Do not hesitate to trust your knowledge and challenge ideas if you do not think they are correct. Once you prove you know the project and can get things accomplished, you will gain respect from your colleagues and employees regardless of your gender.”

Seminole Construction specializes in and performs various site improvement services such as demolition, excavating and grading, heavy highway construction, underground facilities, paving and land clearing, and crushing services.

Like most other businesses, Seminole started out with smaller jobs and then progressed to more-major projects.

“At first, we mostly dug out basements and cleared lots,” said Morizzo. “Now we’re very much involved in all aspects of commercial site work. As two recent examples, we did the Xfinity stores and the Buy-Rite in Manahawkin.”

Recycling also plays a role. For example, when the old Beach Haven bank building was torn down earlier this year by Seminole, brick and cement were recycled on site.

“The materials are pulverized,” she said. “The recycled materials were used in building a foundation.”

Morizzo said on-site recycling saves time and money for both her company and the developers.

“Otherwise, we would have to put all the cement and bricks in dump trucks and cart them to a landfill,” she said. “And then the builder would have to go and purchase bricks and concrete for the foundation and truck it back to Beach Haven. This way saves a lot of time-consuming steps.”

Morizzo said she has 30 full-time employees along with hundreds of completed projects. The company also has 35 vehicles and 30 pieces of equipment including grinders, crushers, pavers, excavators and bulldozers.

“I have a wonderful staff,” she said. “We all have an excellent working relationship.”

For information, call Seminole Construction at 609-296-0700.

— Eric Englund

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