Sanctuary Challenge

May 01, 2019

To the Editor:

This letter is to address all politicians – state, county and local within Ocean County. Gov. Murphy’s pledge to make New Jersey a sanctuary state for illegal aliens has come to fruition. This morally and bankrupt movement of the deep state has been promoted by left-leaning media in television and print. This roguish abrogation of the Constitution and the rule of law came at the behest of those in search of cheap labor and future uninformed voters.

Citizens want protected borders yet our feckless Congress has been purposefully ineffective. Congress should not shoulder the blame alone. The people have stood by while an elected and unelected bureaucracy has instituted unconstitutional regulations against the will of the people. We stood by while NAFTA was implemented and manufacturing jobs were lost overseas, and we are mute while its replacement and more disastrous USMCA is in the making. We and our children have been, and are being, openly indoctrinated to a weird new normal. A stand must be made.

Ocean County is considered the strongest conservative bastion in the state. Its citizens look for leadership on this issue. The question is, will Ocean County politicians assume the position as compliant lackeys or rise to the occasion? I challenge all to start now with resolutions that our towns and county will not be party to the dictates of the sanctuary state. Note: Little Egg Harbor has passed this resolution. Will more follow the lead?

James M. Spickard

Little Egg Harbor

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