Safety Prevails

Apr 03, 2019

To the Editor:

In case some of your readers are unaware, the state Legislature last Monday failed to hold a vote on the question of whether the distribution of marijuana will be legal for both sale and use in New Jersey. The vote was canceled, as a group of both Republicans and Democrats would not vote for passage of the bill. This doesn’t mean it’s dead forever. Another vote might take place later in May, but for now, it’s a no-go.

Thanks to our state senator, Hon. Len Connors, and our two state Assembly persons for not supporting this piece of legislation, along with those Dems and GOPers also who would not support it at this time. They all put the safety and interests of us in the very forefront.

At least for the time being, they protected us on state highways (see recent deaths in Colorado from stoned drivers).

In addition, they took into account that just about every police officer was strongly against this legislation, not only because it’s against the health and safety of us but because no police officer in New Jersey is yet trained to deal with a stoned driver if they stop one on our roads.

Unlike the specific equipment they now have to test if one is drunk behind the wheel, there is no such instrument yet for stoned drivers and won’t be for at least another year. How can the governor and Legislature possibly pass a bill with no trained officers yet to enforce the law? The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police has already told the governor it will be one to three years before every officer is trained. Hello?

And finally, for those people who are chomping at the bit to open their licensed weed stores, permit me to give you a very important bit of advice: Make sure you get yourselves plenty of insurance because you can bet your life that, God forbid, upon the very first highway death or critical injury caused by a stoned driver, you will face major lawsuits from the families of those injured or killed when your store was the one that sold the weed to the responsible driver.

Oh, what this state does just to raise a couple of million tax dollars to satisfy an already over-bloated budget! You all better keep an eye on the policies of this governor. That’s why last week 400 to 600 residents picketed outside his office.

Peter Incardone

Surf City


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