Sad Story

Dec 11, 2019

To the Editor:

I’d like to comment on last week’s story about Family Police (sic) Alliance praising Barnegat Mayor Cirulli as a “Guardian of the Family.”

Earlier this year I decided not to comment on the biased comments made by Mayor Cirulli at a committee meeting in Barnegat this past year in which he expressed his opinion that LGBT rights represent “an affront to almighty God.”

When the dishonorable mayor’s statements made the national news I felt pained for the citizens of Barnegat for having their community exploited as a platform for pseudo-Christian hate speech. I saw strong voices stand up to the mayor and express their anger, and I was proud of them defending their friends, families, neighbors and community against Cirulli’s verbal attacks.

Since this sad story seems determined not to die out, I now find it necessary to speak out and add my voice in support of the good people of Barnegat and others in the surrounding community against Mayor Cirulli. It seems that the ultra-fundamentalist Family Policy Alliance has taken up the cause of this misguided crusader who hides behind “scripture” and “God” to push his personal biases.

Let’s be clear: Private citizens are entitled to believe in backward ideas about the inferiority of others based on race, creed, nationality, gender or sexuality. They are even entitled to deceive themselves and others into believing that these ideas are the ideas of “God.” But when public officials indulge in voicing ignorance and dividing their communities, they betray the trust of the people they represent. They endanger those whom they attack.

Mayor Cirulli’s comments are now a matter of record and a flag for bigots nationwide to rally around. As he said upon receiving the “Guardian” award: “I’ve had politicians pat me on the back, saying I’m doing the right thing, but why aren’t they doing more?”

Why indeed? It seems some of them at least have a sense of shame.

T. Galli

Ship Bottom


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