Reverse Socialism

Feb 20, 2019

To the Editor:

Trump at the SOTU: “We will never allow the USA to become a socialist country!” As is his wont, the president attempted to embed a negative label on several Democratic presidential candidates as these candidates promoted – God forbid – continuation of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, managing climate change and cleaner energy, instituting fairer tax laws and supporting universal access to education and healthcare. Oh, yes, these are radical “social” programs that, according to Trump, deteriorate our country.

I beg to differ as the very opposite is true: The ultra-rich and big business unabashedly receive government welfare in the form of huge tax cuts, tax loopholes, tax forgiveness, tax abatements, bailouts and many other “gifts” not available to the majority of our citizens, most especially middle-class America.

Reflect back to the recession of 2008 when big business required government bailouts to survive. Who bailed them out? The American taxpayer – a vast majority of whom are middle class.

These same companies are now receiving the vast majority of tax breaks in Trump’s tax bill as they continue to reap huge benefits while, again, the middle-class taxpayer receives the royal shaft. Who are the real recipients of welfare?

Bill Green

Beach Haven


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