Respect Law of Land

May 15, 2019

To the Editor:

Regardless of party and given we are all true patriots, we must allow the law of the land to do its work without interference. Conversely, if you don’t believe in our Constitution, then I boldly request that you stop partaking of its liberties and freedoms and move to a limited democracy or autocracy where these rights are not guaranteed or protected.

I mention this because we are mired in a constitutional crisis wherein justice is being compromised by “prominent” parties who care more about individual and political party power over the survival of American democracy.

I have read the Mueller Report and recommend that all Americans read it. It is quite enlightening. As opposed to the skewed interpretation by the president and the attorney general, Mr. Mueller does not exonerate the president for collusion or obstruction.

There are definite and pure incidents of collusion which Mueller declares did not evolve into a widespread conspiracy. As for obstruction of justice, the report identified 10 incidents clearly manifesting that the president should be charged. Mr. Mueller apparently had faith in the Constitution and the Justice Department, believing that the attorney general would do what is right and just. Instead the attorney general chose to protect the president and hide the truth.

Based on constitutionally contrarian actions by the president and the attorney general, I certainly hold little faith in a person who calls the media “fake news” and who, ironically, has lied to the American public over 10,000 times. I have zero faith in an attorney general who unabashedly lobbied for his job by catering to the president’s arbitrary wants and needs, egregiously misrepresented the facts in the Mueller Report and perjured himself to Congress multiple times.

Finally, I certainly have no faith in the Senate majority leader and his protectionist party lemmings who care more about their power bases, their egos and their electability than the sanctity of our landmark laws.

Although tenuous at this crucial juncture in our history, I believe that the U.S. Constitution and its deliberate, just and indelible tenets will prevail. More important than any report, party or person, this document should be required reading for all Americans and maybe, just maybe, more objective people will better comprehend how our democracy is currently being compromised by culprits who are indifferent to its principles.

Bill Green

Beach Haven



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