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Renaissance Property Management Fits Its Name

Like da Vinci, Company Can Do Just About Anything
By Rick Mellerup | Sep 13, 2019
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Ship Bottom — Ryan “Two Rings” Murray was busy on Thursday and Friday morning, Sept. 5 and 6. He’s the founder and president of Renaissance Professional Property Management, and Hurricane Dorian was finally racing up the East Coast after leveling parts of the Bahamas, threatening Florida, flooding Charleston and making landfall on Cape Hatteras. Dorian was predicted to be 200 miles off the coast of Long Beach Island, and although it wasn’t expected to cause major problems here other than big waves, rip currents and possibly some beach erosion, Murray wasn’t taking any chances.

“We were out from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. yesterday, running around,” said Murray on Friday morning, talking about securing “25 to 26” homes. “We'll be doing it all day today.”

Dorian was approaching New Jersey just a few days after Labor Day. Many owners of second homes on LBI, expecting to return during the fall, hadn’t secured their houses, leaving lawn furniture and grills and garbage cans outside, things that could disappear or potentially turn into dangerous weapons if the hurricane made a slight jot to the left and pounded the Island with heavy winds. Murray was taking such things inside, making sure windows were closed, battening down the hatches, so to speak.

I am giving him the nickname “Two Rings” because as busy as he was, he still managed to answer his phone after just two rings as I was tracking him down on the Island in order to interview him for this story. I’m not a customer, had never met him before, so my ID didn’t pop up on his cell phone when I called. Yet he answered each time – on two rings. If you’re living in, oh, New York, Philadelphia or North Jersey and are worried about an approaching storm damaging your summer home (“damn, why didn’t I put the grill into the garage; did I close all of the windows?”), it sure is nice to easily connect with your property manager.

Actually, Murray said, he hadn’t gotten many phone calls from customers. They had been texting instead. But the idea is the same – when a storm is on the way, you want be assured all is under control.

OK, in the future Murray isn’t guaranteed to answer after two rings. He has to shower, he has to sleep. But rest assured, he isn’t going to leave you hanging for long.

As a customer, Kathleen from Doylestown, Pa., said, “Awesome service. Responded right away when I got locked out a couple of times. Gives me peace of mind to know someone can watch our home (in Loveladies) when we are not around, especially with all the crazy weather conditions lately.”

So, how did this personable man decide to open a property management company?

“When I got out of college I worked in an office at first,” Murray said, sounding as if he had quickly realized office work wasn’t his thing.

So he went outside, working for a landscaper and then in carpentry, spending several years employed by a local contractor. About seven years ago he started his business, at first on weekends, and slowly built it up so he could go out on his own.

“I was working for a contractor post-Sandy and came across multiple customers looking for a one-stop shop to meet their needs,” Murray told the Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce. “These customers tended to be overwhelmed and frustrated, and so naturally I wanted to help. I realized this was a service people need from season to season, year in and year out; figured this can be a great business.”

So, as Dr. Phil would ask, “how’s that working for you?”

“It's been really good,” said Murray.

Along the way he decided to be far more than a house-watcher, stretching the number of services he provides to become a full-fledged property manager.

“It is my personal goal to take the worry from the homeowner onto us,” says Murray on his website. “Renaissance cares for our clients’ homes and property as if it were our own. We manage, maintain or repair their property with expertise and knowledge.”

Another possible nickname for Murray is Sherlock because he is proud of his company’s “detection services.” Murray and his workers are on the lookout for mold and mildew – a constant concern on LBI – and roof leaks, as well as problems with exterior finishes, storm shutters and structural integrity. Murray uses a real-life example of a Beach Haven home to show the value of detection.

“Renaissance technicians detected two separate, small wet areas that were not visible to the naked eye. A very small roof leak was discovered. Due to the homeowners being away for the season, when they came back in the summer, those small leaks could have been disastrous due to the rain and snowfall. That homeowner eluded costly roof repairs, not to mention the considerable amount of damage that could have occurred in the house.”

Renaissance's preventive services can help avoid problems before they start. The company can maintain air conditioning systems to help prevent mold and mildew, is able to replace defective caulking inside and out, is willing to clean and lubricate door and window hardware to prevent corrosion that hinders opening and could flush your hot water heaters, which are easily corroded due to salt air and humidity, preventing the destruction of heating coils and possible flooding due to bursts. One common problem on a barrier island of sand is sliding doors – Renaissance can take the doors off their tracks and clean and lubricate them so when you show up in the spring you don’t have to do the herky jerky to get into your home.

Murray’s experience working with a local contractor allowed him to see local subcontractors at work. So he knows the best, and can arrange for properly licensed and insured craftsmen to perform repairs and renovations on your home.

The number of services Renaissance can provide is almost unending. Sure, the company is on call 24/7 for emergencies, can perform seasonal closing and opening chores, and provides pre- and post-storm response. But it can also take care of bill paying and mail forwarding, pest control, boat care, housekeeping, pressure cleaning, landscape maintenance, pool/spa/fountain maintenance and boat care. Murray and Co. can even start up or drive stored vehicles to avoid dead batteries and tire dry rot.

Service starts as low as $49 a month but, of course, customized service plans can be arranged. Renaissance has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is a proud member of the Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce.

To schedule a property management consultation, contact Murray at renaissancepropertyllc@gmail.com or give him a call at 609-339-4074.

Who knows, he may even answer after the second ring.

— Rick Mellerup

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