Regressive Politicians

Jun 26, 2019

To the Editor:

Since 1985, Republicans solely have represented the 9th Legislative District. Assembly members Rumpf and Gove obsess over undocumented immigrants, who they dehumanize with the slur “illegal aliens.” They say the minimum wage increase hurts seniors, a truly stupefying claim, since I see far too many seniors, well beyond the retirement age, forced to work retail-sector jobs at minimum wage to supplement their scant Social Security. And they rejected legal cannabis, while police in New Jersey arrest more people from their communities for possession of the harmless flower than any other state by far, with proven racial disparities.

While families in mass shootings bury their loved ones, I remember how Rumpf and Gove both voted against bills to prohibit magazines with more than 10 rounds and to require a justifiable reason to own a handgun. They fall in line with conservative mythologies, voting against legislation to commit New Jersey to the U.S. Climate Alliance to uphold the Paris Accord, while average residents in the region worry how the all-too-real effects of climate change will decimate their homes.

We deserve better.

Wayne Lewis launched his candidacy for Assembly this spring. A Galloway resident with a bachelor’s in biochemistry/biophysics from Temple and two graduate degrees from Penn State, Lewis maintains a thorough understanding of the crises confronting our state: environmental, economic and social.

We can no longer ignore the existential threat of climate change, we can no longer abide a minimum wage that’s one-third of the income necessary to rent the average one-bedroom apartment in our state, and we can no longer watch our friends and family succumb to the opioid epidemic while police arrest as many people for cannabis possession every year as there are people living in the entire 9th Legislative District.

This November, most of Ocean County will face an easy choice. Will we continue to vote against ourselves? Or will we reject regressive politics-as-usual and make New Jersey into the most progressive state in our great country?

Shaun Moran

Little Egg Harbor


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