Proud Representation

Jul 17, 2019

To the Editor:

Even though he is an avowed Trump supporter, Tom Meredith had me nodding in agreement with his commentary regarding Megan Rapinoe (“Social Justice Champ Rapinoe Tests Limits of My Patriotism,” 7/10), her leadership on the field and fight for pay equity and LGBTQ rights. But his opinion went off the rails when he suggested that by directing vulgar words toward Donald Trump “Ms. Rapinoe has chosen to disrespect the country.”

Ms. Rapinoe’s love of and pride in her country, which she has displayed consistently, has nothing to do with her disrespect for this president, which is a sentiment most Americans seem to share.

Ms. Rapinoe’s vulgarity may have been unnecessary, but it’s not hard to imagine her motivations. From the day he took office, President Trump’s campaign against gays and lesbians has been unrelenting. Against the advice of his generals, he disallowed transgender citizens from joining our military. He has systematically stripped anti-discrimination protections for LGTBQ Americans in housing, health care, foster care and adoptions. He has installed judges who are fiercely opposed to the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender people, and worked to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ people.

President Trump himself dodged the draft yet denigrates military heroes like John McCain because he “got captured.” Trump glorifies the world’s worst dictators, praised Nazis and Klansmen as “fine people,” and demeans the core principles of American democracy such as our free press, fair elections and voting rights. He seems to care far more about himself than for his country.

Megan Rapinoe’s proud representation of America on the field and her civic engagement in fighting for equal rights has served as a great example for Americans. I’d say she has displayed a good measure more patriotism than the target of her criticism.

Jonathan Puth



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