Positive Perspective

Feb 20, 2019

To the Editor:

Let’s go through Bill Boyd’s Feb. 13 letter

1. Bill wrote about watching “The Simpsons” TV show. That’s easily believable ... I guess “Jersey Shore” reruns, too.

2. The old basketball court was out of date and rebuilt much nicer across the street. Four watersports vendors and the town now occupy the old court.

3. Park “wetlands” – a bit of a stretch, I’d say. The area is mainly a mosquito breeding ground. No birds or turtles or other wildlife seem to like it there. A waterfront dog park was a great idea and showed forward thinking. Many, if not most, Island homeowners have dogs.

4. The Island bus shuttle was never intended to be free forever or to be mainly for the elderly and children. I was at the early meetings as a strong believer in the need for Island transport options. For the record: The shuttle was to be free for the “first season” and would be available for all to ride.

The “billboards” that Bill insulted were a blessing in the early days to offset a lot of the costs to operate the shuttle. They also help promote local businesses. Is that a crime?

Bill implies that the cost of $100 season shuttle pass to be a lot. Really? Is $2 to $3 a day a lot?

Bayview Park “has come a long way baby.” Thousands of people love the place and fill it up on nice summer days. It has been a model for other communities to aspire to have. Of course it can continue to improve, just like us humans, but negativity and insults aren’t the way to get it done.

I hope Bill Boyd can try to be more positive toward the town when suggesting alternative ideas. Our commissioners may not be perfect, but they have accomplished a lot of good, and a lot of “greater good” as well. Open space is being secured yearly. The mayor’s stick-to-it-ness that pushed through the ordinance that allows for open space land purchases will be appreciated for generations to come. Kudos to our commissioners for all the time they take to get things done.

Zach Kerzner, owner

Acme Beach & Bike

Brighton Beach

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