Positive Experience

Feb 27, 2019

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Mr. Boyd’s letter pertaining to Bayview Park.

First, full disclosure: My wife is the director of parks and recreation in Long Beach Township, and she is responsible for the programming activities that take place, educational, entertainment and watersports.

The outflow pipe is brought to you by the county, not the township, to drain the flood water in the area. The boardwalk covering it was installed by the township to protect those who participate in the watersports (stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and windsurfing), as well as keeping adventurous youths from walking out on it.

The old basketball court is used by four vendors who pay a fee to the township every year to store equipment used for watersports activities. It is not a way for Acme Beach & Bike to increase its business.

Most of the activities in the park on a daily basis are educational, showing ways to protect and preserve the bay and the surrounding ecology. Mr. Boyd and others should spend some time watching the excited faces of families as they witness a handful of clams filter a container of bay water. Or watch the excitement as they seine and come up with seahorses, crabs and an assortment of fish.

I urge him also to visit the other recreational areas the township has and is developing to provide a variety of experiences to visitors and residents of the township.

Happy visitors may become happy homeowners and support the local economy and business community.

Come to the park on those days when handicapped individuals and groups visit. Watch how the staff works with them to make sure they have an enjoyable visit. Should they be denied looking at the bay with all the activities, and even experiencing them personally? I don’t think so.

I support the efforts of the township to enhance the Island and provide a positive experience for all.

Tony Bakum

Long Beach Township

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