Poetic Justice

Oct 30, 2019

To the Editor:

I am a member of the poetry group that meets in the Surf City Library each first Thursday of the month. The assignment was to use five or six melodious-sounding words in a poem. I have bold typed the ones I chose.

All Hallow’s Eve

On All Hallow’s Eve in woods dark and deep

A covey of witches piled bones in a heap

They giggled and cackled chanting a spell

Enchanting within, the woods where they dwell.

Dropping skulls, tibias, and teeth in their bubbly brew

The howling hags were busy brewing a skeleton stew

“Skulls, teeth and bones, skulls, teeth and bones,”

Chanted the old crones, when suddenly one moans,

“What’s happening to these unearthed bones???”

Lithe amorphous shapes suddenly begin to appear

A green glowing luminescence, a witch’s worst fear

tintinnabulation of heavenly bells was heard overhead

They had mistakenly revived the souls of the dead!

The wailing old witches they howled out a curse

Dancing and stamping to get the spell to reverse

But an owl had awakened from a nest overhead

Hearing the cries from the souls of the dead.

This was no ordinary fowl, but a daughter of Zeus

Goddess and nemesis of the witches abuse.

She called upon the spider in the olive tree’s web

To spin her sticky, silky magical gossamer thread.

Spinning round and round without even a sound

Until not one wicked witch in those woods could be found.

Justice was achieved for those bones piled in a heap

On that All Hallow’s Eve in woods dark and deep.

Joanne Mitchell



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