Plan for Additional Parking at Bayview Park Under Review By DEP

Apr 03, 2019

The state Department of Environmental Protection is reviewing an application from Long Beach Township that seeks to add seven parking spots to the far north end of Bayview Park, in the Brant Beach section of the municipality. Public Information Officer Caryn Shinske said the Coastal Area Facilities Review Act individual permit was received last month for the parcel at Block 15.22.

This application is a revision of an earlier plan, which sought permits to create a few dozen parking spots and to mitigate the marshy far north side of the park. The new proposal includes just seven parking spots, three of them designated for people with disabilities, and with a crushed oyster shell base.

Neighbors of the area were wholly opposed to the original application, and township officials scaled down the project. Many, though, are still displeased that the municipality is moving forward with any plan at all that would alter the 35,602-square-foot plot, adjacent to Long Beach Boulevard, for more parking.

“While the township building, Bayview Park and the beach pavilion may be quite popular with visitors, it is the residents who live with the noise, traffic, parking overflow, trespass, trash and degradation of our natural environment,” Alison (Aaron) Madsen, who lives near the park, said this winter. “We say ‘no more’ to development of Brant Beach.”

The township opened a month-long public comment period on the revised plan; this period ended March 1.

As for whether the DEP will hold a public hearing, Shinske said the DEP would make a decision about this “after reviewing the application and any public comments that may come in to the department.”

“A public hearing would be held only if more information is still needed to assess potential impacts after the department has reviewed any public comments that come in, the project scope and environmental impact.” —J.K.-H.

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