Pay Attention

Jul 24, 2019

To the Editor:

On July 9, I attended a meeting at the Ocean County administrative building in Toms River. The meeting was held by the state Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Climate, Clean Energy and Radiation Protection concerning the New Jersey Radiological Emergency Response Plan in regards to the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant.

Quite a number of people attended the meeting, many from Lacey Township, and they are certainly very concerned about the entire Holtec undertaking. They were told decisions are made by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington, D.C.

Time and again we are told that eventually the spent fuel will be moved into an onsite dry storage facility and shipped to a New Mexico facility.

At the very end of the meeting – people were already getting ready to leave – one of the DEP officials mentioned, “The containers will be put on barges and shipped down the stream to the bay” (of course, meaning Barnegat Bay). One has to remember that the governor of New Mexico recently stated that she would not accept radioactive leftovers from around the country to be dug into their soil. They concentrate on tourism and do not want to deal with radioactive materials.

Might Holtec, which now owns the Oyster Creek plant, want to ship the radioactive materials in containers to be dumped into the Atlantic Ocean? The public really has to pay attention to what the NRC and Holtec plan.

I wish some of the elders from years ago who were openly opposed to having a plant like Oyster Creek built here in southern New Jersey were still alive, including the former mayor of Stafford Township, who objected to having nuclear remnants trucked through his township without police escorts or warnings.

Margit Meissner-Jackson, chair

Sierra Club

Ocean County Group

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