Outdoor Dining Applications Being Accepted in Surf City

Mar 20, 2019

The Surf City zoning office will begin accepting applications for outdoor dining from restaurants and other food establishments in the borough on Monday, March 25. All applications, including a $50 permit fee, are being accepted until May 15.

Mayor Francis Hodgson said the application period is longer this year because of the timing of the ordinance being adopted by the council. Once a review has been completed and the business is found to be in compliance, a license will be issued for one year.

If a business is found to have violated any part of the ordinance the application will be denied the following year, according to Hodgson.

Under the ordinance, all outdoor furnishing must be secured while the business is closed or in times of inclement weather.

Ordinance 2019-06, introduced at the February council meeting, lifts the borough’s ban on outdoor dining. It sets restrictions for approved restaurants and food establishments, including setting a maximum of two tables or a counter of no more than eight seats or stools located on the inside or outside of the business. Outdoor tables and chairs cannot exceed 15 percent of the previously approved indoor seats, with a maximum of six tables with 24 seats and a minimum of two tables with no more than eight chairs, according to the ordinance. —G.G.S.

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