Out of Character

May 29, 2019

To the Editor:

Why has our Little Egg Harbor planning board (or whoever else is responsible for such matters) allowed AutoZone to build its nightmarish insult to our town’s Route 9 environment that arrogantly makes not the least nod to the prevailing seashore/rural visual character of our town? It’s what every other retailer has always until now seen fit to more or less respect.

That new tire place previously built alongside was the beginning in its unmitigated big-boxiness, but not as atrociously so.

And even our new monster-size Walmart knew better how to deal with the matter. Or was it just that they’d been better instructed to do so?

So does it bode for our Route 9 eventually becoming a duplicate to Lacey’s cluttered Route 9 ugliness?

Ralph Alster

Little Egg Harbor

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