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Oct 16, 2019

To the Editor:

John Imperiale deserves people’s vote to serve as a Harvey Cedars commissioner. As our next-door neighbor, we can personally speak to his slogan: “Your Neighbor, Your Advocate, My Honor.” Just as John has indeed been a perfect “neighbor” to our family, and to everyone on our wonderful block on 82nd Street, so, too, will John serve as a terrific neighbor to all the citizens of Harvey Cedars, working for the community’s best interests as a commissioner.

We also knew John from his well-thought-out and reasoned opinions via this newspaper. However, there was a lot that we didn’t know about John until his decision to seek to serve the Harvey Cedars community as an elected commissioner.

For example, we didn’t know that he had a personal relationship with multiple New York City mayors based on his lifetime community relations work helping the citizens of the Big Apple. Nor were we aware of John’s dedication to the LBI Arts Foundation, where his fundraising activities have directly and indirectly benefited so many of our friends and neighbors.

We only recently learned about John’s extensive and successful career in the corporate world, as well as the work he has done for so many volunteer organizations that have all benefited from his time and talents. We didn’t know because John was too humble to talk about his own accomplishments.

Notwithstanding, the community needs to know how dedicated John has been to better understand the energy he will bring to his work on our behalf as a Harvey Cedars commissioner. Thus, we write to encourage Harvey Cedars residents to vote on Election Day for John Imperiale as commissioner. John will serve us all well as our advocate.

Jerry and Joanne Hanson

Harvey Cedars


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